Useful Resources

To the school’s personnel as well as to the outside visitors
 Prevent any possible accident; take the following things into consideration:
- Take care to leave the space you have used tidy. 
- Return the items you have used to the proper places.
- Throw the garbage in the proper containers.
- Don’t use any candles except the light candles.
- Report any detected faults and defects to the office.
- If it’s possible, unplug the damaged device.
- Shut down all the electric devices when leaving the college.
- Smoking is allowed only outside.
- Turn off the lights when being the last to leave the office.
- When leaving check that all the doors (including the emergency exits) are locked (applies only to the persons leaving in the evening).
- If an accident occurs, report it without any delay to the safety manager (the school’s principal) or to the safety director (Jaana Alho).
Other issues concerning safety
If you notice a danger of fire or any violation of the working safety rules, try to fix the situation yourself. If you don’t have enough authority, contact the grounds-keeping maintenance service, safety director or safety manager.
If the key is missing, contact the grounds-keeping maintenance service, safety director or safety manager immediately.
Familiarize yourself with the school’s emergency exits and instructions in the above image.
If an accident occurs, act in the following way:
1. Save people from any immediate danger.
The first measures must be aimed at the people who are threatened by immediate danger and are not able to save themselves. These people must be moved from the spot of immediate danger and given first aid if needed.
2. Extinguish the fire in its early stage with the nearest fire-extinguisher.
Consider possible measures for preventing and getting rid of the danger at the stage when prevention is still realistic. 
3. Report on the emergency by calling  112
In case of emergency call 112
Call yourself, if you can.
What has happened?
Answer the questions.
Follow the given instructions.
Don’t hang up before you are allowed to.
Don’t call this number in non-emergency situations.
When you call the emergency number you are not expected to have any special skills. Professionals on-call will ask you all the necessary questions.
4. Get out calmly and go to the meeting place. If possible
- turn off the electricity at your working station;
- make sure that everyone gets out;
- close the doors and windows.
The whole evacuation plan of the college can be found on the information board in the foyer of the main building.​