Finnish Language and Culture

This 3-month course is designed for beginning language users, both foreign students and immigrants. The content covers basic language aspects, such as grammar, correct pronunciation and developing everyday vocabulary. Along with that , students get acquainted with Finnish society and culture. The course comprises practical exercises and reading and requires intensive self-study. The course is based on the basic level 1-2 of the National Language Proficiency Test and ensures participation in the follow-up course.

• Monday: Correcting of homework, vocabulary, grammar, text and writing exercises, dialogue and listening.
• Tuesday: Vocabulary, grammar, text, dialogue and listening.
• Wednesday: Vocabulary, dialogue and Finnish culture.
• Thursday: Communication skills: games, drama methods, improvisation, discussion, speaking.
• Friday: Revision and progress test, games, Finnish films/Excursion, Finnish culture.
Additional: daily homework  and personal feedback.

Everyone who is interested in Finnish language is welcome to attend the course regardless of age or nationality. Immigrants may check with the employment office for the criteria for applying for unemployment benefits.

Send your CV and letter of motivation to address: Aino Voipion tie 30, 32700 Huittinen or e-mail to maxim.ipatov (at)

Please note that students are personally responsible for their YKI-test participation fees (€95)

Course fees:
Student living at opisto 90€ /week
Student living at home 67,50€ /week

Next course
28.8 - 17.11.2017

Maxim Ipatov
maxim.ipatov (at)