English Language

The 4-months long English course provides good preparation for university entrance exams and IELTS. The content of the course is focussed on communication skills in English. Different sections of the course are lead by native speaking teachers to develop communication on an authentic level.

A personal curriculum, HOPS, is created for each student by the main teacher.  This process records the student's academic goals and progress. HOPS works as a guide throughout the student's studies.

During the course different topic weeks are arranged (Business English, Customer Service etc.). Students can propose topics themselves.

There is a possibility to get 2 credits extra by taking the English Communication course accredited by the University of Turku.

Students are able to compliment their studies by participating in other courses presented at the college. The college offers Open University studies from the Universities of Jyväskylä and Eastern Finland. Along with English studies, the following optional courses could be taken:

•    Conversational French 1 cr
•    Russian for beginners 2 cr
•    Theatre in Education 2 cr
•    History of Drama 2 cr
•    Poetry 2 cr
•    Singing 2 cr
•    Scrip Writing Workshop 1 cr

Next course (4 months)
28.08.2017 - 15.12.2017

Application period
31.1.2017 – 20.8.2017

Accommodation and meals
Life at the College

Students' experience (in Finnish)
Blog 1
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Course fees
Student living at home: 90/week
Student living at opisto: 100€ /week