Conditions for residence permit

Residence Permit Requirements for students coming from outside of Finland

Student are able to apply for a one year residence permit under the following conditions:

A residence permit can be issued for studies other than those leading to a degree or a vocational qualification on reasonable grounds which include:
        – further studies to supplement vocational skills or degrees already acquired
        – further training relating to work done in the country of departure
        – special training to be acquired in Finland
        – student exchange
        – Finnish ancestry
        – language or other training preceding studies (e.g. a Finnish language course when the applicant has been accepted as a student in an educational institution and these studies lead to a degree or a vocational qualification).

It is important to note that you would only be taken into consideration for this permit if you have completed such studies (both academic or vocational) in your own country and would like to do an advanced or supplementary study here. This should be clearly stated and motivated on your application form.

Once you have paid a deposit to secure your place at our college, we will issue you with an official letter of acceptance to the course you are applying for. This must accompany your residence permit application.

Finnish Immigration Services make the final decision and the college does not take any responsibility for their decision. Should you be denied a study permit, we will refund your deposit (minus the bank transfer fees).

For a complete overview of the rules for applying to Immigration Services, please click on the following links: